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Want to see what the videos look like?

The links below will take you to Hostage Tape's Instagram Account. ***Yes, that is me in the first 2 videos - proof this is real***


1 Success Story Interview Clipped

2 Success Story Interview Clipped

3 Success Story Interview Clipped

4 Success Story Interview Clipped

5 Success Story Interview Clipped

6 Success Story Interview Clipped

Now let me ask you:

When you see an employee or a company promoting a product does that give you enough trust to buy that item?

It sure doesn't give me enough trust. 

You, me, and everyone else that shops online heads to the review section to see what real people who bought this product are saying about it. 

After thinking about an easier way to find reviews, and really hear what people think about a product, I decided to do something. 


I founded Communities & Content.


A company that  focuses on customer reviews, stories, and experiences with the sole purpose of selling to people who have

Fears, Uncertainties, or Doubts

(FUD Buyers)

about buying your product.  

IMG_2158 (1).PNG

This is what happens when you reach out to your customers and ask them to share their success stories. 

You get amazing video content from your customers for free.

So if you're ready to grow your reach, sell to your FUD buyers, and create raving fans then read on. 


Sound good?

Then let's hop on a call

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Don't Take it From Us, This is What Our Clients Have to Say:

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